Built on a solid foundation of hard work, integrity, and strong principles, The Diamond Castle was established in Woodbridge, NJ, in 1989. From the beginning, we knew that continuing and expanding our education within the jewelry industry would prove to be an important element of our success.


Our instincts were correct and by the early '90s, The Diamond Castle had nearly doubled in size. We further enhanced our business by putting together a sales team with outstanding qualifications and a dedication to exceptional customer service that matched our own.


Redesigned and custom-made items became a tremendous part of our business. Beginning with nothing more than a client's wish, we would create a one-of-a-kind piece that fulfilled the client's every desire, down to the smallest detail. The fact that creating special designs was becoming commonplace at The Diamond Castle enabled us to add the tag line, Where Dreams come True, and mean it.


The Diamond Castle has acquired the working knowledge of both a superior retail jeweler and a manufacturer. This unique combination, along with the continuing education that we provide for our sales team as well as ourselves, truly sets The Diamond Castle apart from the rest.


Today, Diamond Castle is located on the first floor of our new, elegant building at 355 US Highway 9. The ambiance is elegant and chic, and our clients enjoy a relaxed shopping atmosphere among beautiful jewelry. 


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