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Diamond Castle is an authorized retailer of Alwand Vahan, Bellarri, Elma Gil, Kabana, Lauren G. Adams, Pianegonda, Revv, Stel, and Triton.

Please visit our store in Marlboro, NJ, to see each collection.


Alwand Vahan

The Alwand Vahan collections are found in the finest jewelry stores throughout the country, dazzling today's woman with an eye for style, quality, and comfort.

Says the designer, "When I design jewelry I think of women as film stars. I want them to be observed, envied, and admired."

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Elma Gil

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Lauren G. Adams

At Lauren G. Adams, they believe jewelry and accessories are more than just “extras;” they're the centerpieces of memorable fashion statements.

Lauren G. Adams specializes in creating the truly unique designs that say something special about the people who wear their pieces

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The expression of a contemporary life style, Pianegonda proposes jewels as objects of desire for those who are looking beyond the simple ornament. Sobriety and precision, but still with fantasy, freedom, and a pinch of exhibitionism.

Pianegonda speaks to those who follow fashion without becoming slaves. Those who prefer to interpret fashion with their own personality, intuition and audacity. Pieces that satisfy a desire for a non-jewelry jewel, to be worn with nonchalance.

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High performance and high fashion for today's modern man.

Creatively designed and visually enthralling, the collection is truly unique, featuring new advances in alternative metals and state-of-the-art technologies. A myriad of comfort fit bands, bracelets, pendants, dog tags, and cuff links are available to perfectly suit your wardrobe and lifestyle.


STEL products are made of stainless steel, 14K gold and diamonds to create stylish, comfortable and extremely durable jewelry accessories for men of all ages.


Designed for today’s man, TRITON combines inspired artistry and innovative engineering with the most exciting contemporary metals to deliver a collection of strength and style.


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