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For the past thousand years, precious metals and stones have been found in the world's most beautiful and intricate pieces of jewelry. From shining diamonds to dazzling gems and other highly sought-after crafting elements, each material found in the world of jewelry has become so well-known throughout society that everyone is at least familiar with them. Yet how many people out there can claim to have what one could call a "jewelry education?"

As a leading New Jersey jewelry store, Diamond Castle is ready and able to teach our customers about the intrinsic properties of the materials that make up the rings, necklaces, and earrings they love. Let our jewelry education resources gives you the knowledge about diamonds, pearls, and gemstones that you may lack. When you know as much about your jewelry as we do you'll come to find you've gained a much greater appreciation of your accessories.

The various diamond stores found in NJ may carry a wide assortment of jewelry, but only a select few employ the experienced and well-educated staff that we at Diamond Castle do. When our customers come to our store, they shop with confidence in our ability to assess the quality of our wares, repair damaged jewelry and recommend dazzling selection choices. We strive for excellence.


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