Taking Care of Your Jewelry

A little preventative maintenance can go a long way to ensure that your jewelry is beautiful and secure for a lifetime. The Diamond Castle is pleased to offer free jewelry inspection and steam cleaning on all your purchases.

We also offer care and repair services for jewelry not purchased here. From simple ring sizing to caring for intricate family heirlooms, we can handle nearly any service request.

All jewelry maintenance is performed while you wait



Before RhodiumAfter Rhodium

Rhodium is part of the platinum family of metals. Rhodium flashing is a process using liquid rhodium to restore a ring and it brings a shininess and whiteness back to white gold. (White gold can turn yellow as a result of oxidation.) Rings are sold with rhodium already on it, but the rhodium eventually wears off through use.

Rhodium can also be used to convert yellow or gold jewelry to white. The jewelry is treated with a rhodium coating, which puts a white finish on the piece. We do not even have to remove any stones to do it; rhodium will not effect them!

Platinum does not need to be treated with rhodium. Platinum jewelry only requires polishing for maintenance.


    *Rhodium treating is recommended for 10k, 14k, or 18k yellow gold jewelry




The average jewelry piece should be professionally examined for loose stones every 3 months, especially those engagement rings that have a high 4- or 6-prong center stone. But don't overlook your color gemstone jewelry; all gemstone jewelry is subject to possible stone loss without regular examinations.

There is a charge to have your jewelry professionally examined. Please ask one of our jewelry specialists for additional information.


  • Prongs or channels must be checked before a diamond or other gemstone is lost
  • We examine every type of setting (pavé, channel set, bezel set, etc.) as well as the safety clasps
  • Stone replacement can be done the same day, as you watch


Home Care

Of course, to keep your jewelry in the best possible condition, you should take a few easy steps in the care and preservation of your jewelry at home. We make the following suggestions:


  • Make sure you store your jewelry in a cool, dry place.
  • To prevent necklaces from becoming tangled - and creating scratches or nicks - keep them in individual jewelry pouches or hang them in an appropriately designed jewelry box.

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