Since metal first began to be smelted into rings, gold has remained the most popular form of jewelry metal. Its durability and beautiful sheen have caused it become a common choice for wedding bands, anniversary jewelry, and engagement rings for New Jersey buyers.

Gold is almost always alloyed with other metals to give it strength and to change its color for versatility. Yellow and white gold are the most popular choices followed by rose gold. Many unique pieces of jewelry are made with mixtures of white, yellow or rose gold to create 2-tone or tri-color designs.


Jewelry is normally stamped with a marking to show the type (purity) of gold. This metric of purity, known as karats, can be broken down in the following ways:

  • 10 karat gold is 417 parts pure gold per thousand parts.
  • 14 karat is 585 parts per thousand. (commonest in the U.S.)
  • 18 karat is 750 parts per thousand.
  • 24 karat is pure gold or .999 parts per thousand.


In any color, gold has endured throughout history and across cultures as the number one choice in jewelry. Our regular customers have seen firsthand the stunning collection of gold jewelry we offer at Diamond Castle. Stop by our store and see for yourself why gold has been, and always will be, the finest metal for rings, bracelets, and more.


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